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We are pleased to present a joint release with Dattebayo: Song of the Wind and Trees, SANCTUS, a Shounen-ai OVA based on the manga by Keiko Takemiya.  Many of you may be aware that this was the first commercially published title of the BL/YAOI genre.

Please be warned that this title is not for everyone, but anyone with an open mind should enjoy this beautifully drawn classic tale. It is full of wonderful animation and the music of J.S. Bach and Frédéric Chopin.

Please note: There is nothing sexually explicit in this title. Just an angsty, heart-ripping love story.

This release features a brand new translation by Tofusensei.

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Farewell, Mayu!, Glory! The Commander’s Passing and …And Then, the Angels Sang

Here we are with yet another triple release of the Captain Harlock series. 1) Harlock says what may be his final goodbye to Mayu. 2) A mighty warrior falls. 3) The Arcadia faces the first line of the Mazone fleet as Harlock and his crew attempt to storm Queen Rafflesia’s flagship. We have a good time in store for you!

File info:
Episode 38:
Filesize: 186275328
CRC: E443649D
MD5: dcada58f448a914b508500f35d2edc6c

Episode 39:
Filesize: 185802581
CRC: 4054E14F
MD5: a62b2f6c23855fbe70b521b15173d7c4

Episode 40:
Filesize: 186251362
MD5: 1417f66882db2eeb6dba5e351afcc28a

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Just two more episodes to go!!!

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The Eve of the Showdown and Tears On a Red Sweater

Shizuka Namino has infiltrated the Arcadia and has put Queen Rafflesia’s plan in motion to sabotage the ship.  Watch these next two existing episodes to see the result.

File info:
Episode 36
Filesize: 186276934
MD5: 131865ec0cbee20c988f3f80c9c77c94

Episode 37
Filesize: 185801956
MD5: ae2fcdd3c8a08358a3c1a950b2be4e93

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