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First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you Americans out there! In honor of the great turkey eating day, and because we just like you all so much, enjoy today’s release of Detective Academy Q 41.

Class Q heads to Jinchuu Village to investigate the curse of the Hitobashira.  The flames of Princess Maya lead to tragedy… Meanwhile, Class Q takes advantage of the local hot springs. Here’s a little preview:

megu  boys

“You look surprisingly sexy Ryu.”

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Call of the Star Flute

Has Harlock finally found Mayu?! A distant melody through space draws Arcadia to the Wind Planet where a trap lays in await. Our fearless captain leads a ground operation to spring the trap and rescue Mayu. But there is more here than meets the eye.

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Trapp returns with the first of what will be a string of dual releases for Trapp family story

Episodes 15 and 16, Martina and the Bear, Nikola. And The House without Fräulein Maria.


When it comes time for Matilda’s birthday and the children and Maria try to think of a original gift to present to her, a near tragic event turns into a test of faith for Maria.

Will this event be Maria’s downfall? Find out!

Suzaku. =^-^=

Meow baby!

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