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My Friend, My Youth

This is it! We finally get to meet the brains behind the Arcadia and it’s network of “Pirate Islands”. We also meet another staple of the Leijiverse: Emeralda (no “s” on the end of her name, this time around). Enjoy this look into the past and start a journey through the history of Harlock’s best friend and brilliant scientist, Tochiro Oyama.

Features include:
* Brand new Dolby Digital 5.1 surround audio track and the original mono track
* Formatted and Unformatted soft-subtitles
* Region 2 DVD source
* Corn Pone Flicks translation

File details:
Size: 262382831
MD5: f887096ecc36e891d0f5eec751a0d95d


Hi, everyone!

Live-eviL is proud to bring you the 9th installment of The Daughter of Twenty Faces. Without giving too much away, we get to see the beginnings of the Detective Girls group that is hinted in the ED video. Check it out!

As usual, get it from the speedy xdcc bots in #live-evil on or wait it out on bit torrent.


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