Hi all.

We have an unusual release for you all this evening. We are releasing to you the first three subtitled episodes of Phantom Memory KURAU. We actually subbed this as it was airing back in 2004 but never released because it was quickly licensed by ADV.

However, due to recent events with ADV, and the fact that they have lost the license for this show before finishing the DVDs, we are deciding to release the previously “internal only” release to the public. As anime fans who thoroughly enjoy R1 DVDs and unlicensed fansubs, we find it very unsettling when a show is licensed for R1 release only to never be fully released on DVD. It defeats the entire purpose of licensing a show and stopping fansubs of it. (*cough* Yawara *cough*).

We will not be subbing the rest of this show, so please track down second hand copies of the DVDs (I recommend www.rightstuf.com if they are still in stock) if you want to see the rest. Should this license ever become reacquired, we will stop distribution at once, as we do with all licensed anime.

The 3 episodes are available on a batch bit torrent file here and on the xdcc bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com

Special thanks to Yoshu-sama, without whom we would have never done these three episodes internally.


File info:

182859776 [Live-eviL]Phantom_Memory_Kurau_-_Ep_01_[97B2CDDE].avi
176717824 [Live-eviL]Phantom_Memory_Kurau_-_Ep_02_[6F2A4A16].avi
179787776 [Live-eviL]Phantom_Memory_Kurau_-_Ep_03_[33D622C8].avi