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Satoru’s true talent is revealed in the conclusion of his match with Shion, but there’s definitely more to Satoru than meets the eye. Meanwhile, between one match and the next, Ayumi’s illusion is shattered…

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Also out is the HD release featuring chaptering, soft subs, and end notes.

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Thatโ€™s right, after a brief hiatus, Trapp Family Story returns!

Episode #6 The Missing Children and the Hunger Rebellion.

As Maria tries to further strengthen her new found bond with little-Maria, strings are pulled that try to tear this fragile relationship apart. Meanwhile, sheep stray from the fold leading to an afternoon of chaos. How will it all end? There is one way to find out!


Suzaku. =^-^=

Meow Baby!

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Hi, all!

Sorry for the delay on this one, but you’ll see what’s been keeping us so busy in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, this episode marks the return of Strike Man! Anyone who saw the first two seasons will remember his lunacy! Check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

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