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Hello everyone.
Once again I got some news. We just improved our bot lists page here to a simpler, more user-friendly and comprehensive listing system. It’s pretty much amateurish work on my part but through using the links, it should take you to any file you want. The lists would be updated with our every release. So if your are afraid to use commands on IRC or have ‘spam phobia’, you’re welcome to try the bot listings here. Things maybe changed if people suggest ways to improve but the current simple listing is still easy to use. Reminder: Do not forget to check out the FAQ for ‘IRC Howto’.

So enjoy leeching and don’t worry about getting kickbanned or ‘You fail!’ on IRC. πŸ˜‰


You may contact us through e-mail support now. To know all the methods by which we could be contacted, see ‘Contact Us’ in the right-hand corner of this page. If you have any query for which registering in the forums is not necessary, or you are unlikely to visit the forums after your question has been answered, please use our e-mail support or come visit us on IRC. You should allow at least 24 hours for e-mail response. Anything of the playback issue nature, query regarding a series we’re not subbing or a very common question should be taken up on the forums. Do remember however that you can only ask something that has not already be answered in our FAQ section. So keep that in mind and act accordingly. πŸ™‚

Send all e-mail queries to

Also, we have a new bot by the nick L-E|Dogmatix, hosted by my script instructor, [KvW]blipzor (Yes the new triggers). It is currently capped at 30 kb/s individually and 100 kb/s globally but after some tests, the max speed will be increased. This bot will be our first Death Note only bot so make good use of it. πŸ˜‰ All past episodes of Death Note are archived on Osiris and Dogmatix. Osiris is the new Parmenion.

Enjoy leeching!


This week:
When Sakura TV broadcasts Kira’s message, L and the police have to act fast to prevent a disaster… and the whole world is watching. L’s very life is suddenly threatened; so why does L seem so sure he can catch Kira quickly? And don’t forget about two long-awaited introductions!

[15:16] AvatarEnd: hot chicks?
[15:16] AvatarEnd: I think you’ve hit upon the perfect summary.
[15:16] JungleSweed: yeah, putting “hot chicks” in the summery will make people download.

File info:
Filename: [Live-evil]_Death_Note_11_[3DAC28F5].avi
MD5: 715127a872053cfd8319f48164878948
Size: 182980608 or grab it off BitTorrent.

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