Well, without further ado, we present episode 28, the 2nd half of the old school building mystery. Another DVD-source release for your viewing pleasure. Here ends the long and unintended wait.

Yes, the excitement continues in episode 28 with Kyuu and Megu’s adventure in the old school’s secret basement. Megu is in danger and Kyuu is desperately searching for a way out of the cell. When the rest of the gang discovers their absence, they set off to investigate. Various clues here and there give them a lead while Kyuu manages to get to the bottom of a mystery. But the question is, will they figure out the whereabouts of the two in time? Will Megu be saved? Watch to find out!

File info:
MD5: 22562d867f508d25dc6f3b7cd9c1ea9e
CRC: 6BB1B471
Size: 184160256

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil@irc.enterthegame.com or grab it off BitTorrent.

Look forward to episode 29! A new case with Ryuu and Megu in action! Meanwhile, enjoy this one.

-Tsubasa & tlynnec