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Yes we already have another Mami episode ready for you here at Live-eviL. Again, this episode has the new karaoke we included in Episode 46. If you’ve been waiting for some serious romantic situations to stir up, here’s your chance to satisfy your desire. ^_~

The episode title, ‘Mami’s First Kiss’ speaks for itself. Mami is to star in a Romantic Movie ‘Blue Mary’s Legend’. Her role as the female lead involves a kissing scene towards the end of the movie. However, like any girl, Mami doesn’t want her first kiss to be wasted on somebody she doesn’t love. Toshio is also concerned when he learns about it and participates in the audition for her co-star role. Will he make it? If not, will he at least save Mami from kissing someone she doesn’t care about? Let’s leech, watch, and find out!

File Info for Episode 47 is as follows::
MD5: 6717025a7242446674b34402bbe8f601
CRC: 9D598798
Size: 211414682

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.

Episode 48 coming up shortly. Speed release? Well, yes. The factor slowing it is is permanently gone. As a matter of fact, I have some good news for you anime idol singer fans out there. Stay with us and you’ll know it soon. ^-^

Thanks for watching.



It has been confirmed that Gakuen Heaven has been licensed by Media Blasters.  Complying to our rules and regulations, we’re discontinuing the distribution of the Gakuen Heaven Episode 1 Parody sub, which we released on 1st April.

Live-eviL does not undertake the subtitling of any licensed anime and we discontinue the subtitling and distribution of any series which are announced as being licensed in the Western Hemisphere. This being mainly due to ethical reasons and because the IRC network which we are hosted on, Enterthegame, has strict rules about licensed anime and we respect those rules. Please check out our forums for further details.

The torrent has been removed from our BitTorrent page and we strongly suggest buying Media Blaster’s R1 DVD’s when they come out in January.

That being said, we request you to refrain from asking how to obtain raws or subtitled versions of Gakuen Heaven from now on in our forums or in the IRC channel. If you are running an fserve in #live-evil please do not serve any more episodes from this series on your server under our control.

We firmly believe you have understood the circumstances and would continue to support us in our decision.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Yes folks, it’s finally here! Episode 46 of Magical Angel Creamy Mami show! The Mami puts in yet another awesome performance with my favorite song from the series ‘Love Nonchalantly’ accompanied by this week’s guest pianist, Takahiro.

A short summary of the episode follows:

Yuu is having a fight with Toshio about about a bracelet he bought for Mami. This causes Mami to be late for her TV show with Megumi. While rushing, she bumps into the prop guy Takahiro. As they talk on the way back from work, Mami gets to know him better…about his dreams, job and lifestyle. Eventually, she learns about the burning desire he once had about becoming a pianist and how a fateful turn of events didn’t allow him to accomplish his goal. So she decides to set things straight. Will Takahiro ever play the piano again? Watch to find out!

File info:
MD5: ce6c92b9f368215951f36c22ae6b14c3
Size: 212057202

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, (currently available with L-E|Matsumoto also, thanks to Yaoiboy), or grab it off BitTorrent.

This release is the first of the Mami super encore release mode which we hope to maintain till the end of this series. We have the OP & ED karaoke back, exclusively re-karaoked for you Mami music lovers out there. So we hope you’ll enjoy it and continue to support us in the future.

Thank you for your patience and keep posting in the forums.