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Live-evil celebrates the 600th release of it’s 5-year at fansubbing.

So we got you more Mami, you get as high BT stats, ne? Both episodes 46 & 47 have a low leech count compared to Episode 45. How come??? Don’t you want anymore Mami from us? 🙁 As far as I know, many impatient Mami fans are out there waiting for us to finish Mami so they can complete their 52 episodes collection. 🙂 So go leech, leech and leech! 😀 Help seeding the torrents and tell your friends to watch Mami too. 🙂 Soon we’re going to torrent out a complete batch torrent as you know so if you’re missing any of the previous episodes, don’t worry about the 0 seeds BT stats and look forward to our future Mami torrents. But start now! 😉

Ok, so here is goes. Magical Angel Creamy Mami Episode 48 ‘Yuu & Midori’s First Date’. Yuu wants to go on a date with Toshio but Toshio thinks the whole idea of it is hillarious.

When Midori volunteers instead, Yuu can’t refuse openly so she reluctantly accepts to go on a date with him. However, Midori is very nervous about the date and is overly worried about how to make it fun for Yuu. When the day comes, Makoto is forced to follow and patron them in secret.

Will the date work out? Will Yuu be happy? Will Toshio come to his senses? Watch to find out! ;D

File info:
MD5: 3cdca857dd18be6ccb09ea41ca6714b5
Size: 200987436

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil@irc.enterthegame.com or grab it off BitTorrent. L-E|Elilin our new 4MBit bot will also be serving Creamy Mami episodes till the very end. ^^

Episode 49 is up next on our super encore release list. 8)Continue to support us and you’ll get more.

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