Although not confirmed 100% officially by Funimation it has come to our attention that they are now the legitimate rights holders to the Tsubasa Chronicle Anime.

The evidence for this is as follows –

1) Shinsen-subs received a Cease and Desist letter (a request to stop fansubbing licensed anime) and Tsubasa was mentioned in the list.
2) Funimation has registered You can check this yourself using the Network Solutions whois lookup.
3) Animesuki has taken the decision to remove Tsubasa Torrents
4) Animenewsnetwork considered the news important enough to mention it on their news site.

Live-eviL as a rule does not get involved in the subbing of licensed anime. We respect the rights of legitamte rights holders and will discontinue fansubbing of such series.

I know a lot of people will say “OMG THAT SUCKS YOU MUST CARRY ON”. Our policy is to be better safe than sorry. We don’t want to get in to trouble with Funimation and get Cease and Desist Letters ourselves. All such pleas will be ignored.

Unless Funimation outright denies publicly that they’ve licensed Tsubasa and put a license by them beyond all doubt we will no longer be involved with Tsubasa.

We would encourage everyone to support the legitimate licensors and buy the DVD’s when they are released.