And so begins our test venture into the world of h.264

This is the sixth episode in this show so far, and I am sure all you die-hard Matsumoto fans have been awaiting it patiently ^^;

As far as h.264 playback goes, I’ll have to point you to our forums to get some help if you need it. The truth is, I don’t quite grasp it all myself yet.

Anyway, get the files from the great bots of any of the great groups involved in this project (L-E, AnimeOne, and Froth-Bite) or off of bit torrent like usual. We’d appreciate your feedback on this exciting new codec 🙂

Filesize is 239,695,891 bytes, the CRC is C5A3D4F1, and the md5 hash is cc78ed4b622bd0b52242abdcd57b1a0d.