What IS a girl to do?. I bet all you people of the fairer sex who have graduated from college remember what it was like to have gone through all your clothes and you’ve either worn it or its out of season. Well in this episode of Yawara, she’s got this EXACT problem. Theres one slight problem…..she’s got no money!!!!. How does one solve this problem???. Get a job 😛 . See what happens when Yawara tries to make a little bit of money, but of course a few familiar faces mean that things will NEVER be straightfoward 🙂

This is the last episode of Yawara that we will be releasing on our own. From Yawara 42 onwards it will be a joint project with Froth-Bite. Look forward to many more Yawara episodes to come!.

As usual you can download from XDCC bot at #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or via bittorrent here.

File Information :-
The size is 147271680 bytes
The CRC is C3171A71
The MD5 hash is 19518e58d22f88b8f1fa5faf1f17205d


PS : For those who need to do a bit of catch up on Yawara theres some more batch torrents gone up 🙂 (21 – 25 & 26 – 30 & 31 – 35)