Well a little later than what was planned. We’ve released Tsubasa Chronicle 17. Apparently this is the first ep of the Sakura Country where some important stuff happens apparently. I’m sure all you Tsubasa fans know more about that than me. Well happy downloading ^^.

Just a quick service announcement. Our tracker scarywater is experiencing some issues at the minute so the torrent may or may not work. This is affecting a few other fansub groups as well so just hang tight while the admins who run scarywater try to get all their issues worked through.

As per usual its available via XDCC at #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or via bittorrent here.
(May or may not work depending on if the scarywater.net tracker has been fixed)

File Information :-
Size : 180348928 bytes
CRC : C91036EE
MD5 hash : ce01304e5cf68711539c73bee4411165