Okay, you might be asking yourself “What the heck is Yadamon?”

Well, it is a cute anime that aired in the early 1990s, split into 170 10 minute episodes. As far as we know it has never been subtitled into English. The early episodes are very cutesy and episodic, but it develops into a serious continuous plot later on.

You might also be asking yourself, “Why did Live-eviL start at episode 5?”

This is because we could not find raws for the show other than for a few random episodes, and episode five was the first one. There is a limited DVD release for this, but we didn’t want to shell out $400 for it at this time. If someone has access to these raws and wants us to subtitle more of it, then please contact me at Tofusensei@live-evil.org

We just wanted to show a little bit of this show to the western world, since most anime fans have probably never even heard of it. The reason I got interested in it was because the band Lindberg sings the opening and closing songs, and I am a big Lindberg fan 🙂

Here is a nice link to an english page about Yadamon.

Please get the file off of bit torrent here or from the bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com

Thank you.

Filesize is 42,725,376 bytes, the CRC is 0256C1DB, and the md5 hash is ddb8b487e9db48a7aa926b2e13c7ee10.



P.S. If anyone wishes to express interest in this show, please use our forums.