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Another Saturday and we bring you another episode of Tsubasa Chronicle. In this ep we get to see the final showdown with the lord and an unexpected guest shows up! Get it from the bots in #live-evil on or off of bit torrent here.

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Also, there’s a clip around the 18:50 mark in the episode where Mokona makes more references to the Mito Koumon TV Drama. If you want to know more about that show, exercise your google skills. However, there are some notes that go by pretty fast so I’m also posting them here so you can read them at your leisure.

Essentially Mokona mistakes the Miteshu for the members of Mito Koumon’s merry band. He mixes up some names which is kind of humorous.

Mokona says:
Ukkari no Yashichi
Kagerou Hachibee
Kazaguruma no Ogin

The actual names are:
Ukkari Hachibee
Kagerou no Ogin
Kazaguruma no Yashichi

Why he mixes them up, I am not sure. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny. :X


Another Saturday night and another episode of Tsubasa Chronicle brought to you by Live-eviL and Dattebayo. Get the files from the usual places. This is one of the best episodes so far with drama, action, and lots of new developments. Get it right away!

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