episode #16 Cocky Is a Mischievous Girl !!

If you remember the last episode, this episode picks up right where it left off, Ceddie had just run away from that horrid little girl Bridgette, the ultra tsundere who makes all around her cringe in horror, and her mother, who seems to have a superiority complex, and is blind to her daughter’s faults. Granted that Ceddie’s trek to find his Mother’s new home is not exactly the best of ides, since he does not know exactly WHERE it is, this is also compounded by the fact that there is a dense forest in the way, his plans don’t go very well, then he meets this rather strange girl!

Suzaku! =^-^=

Meow baby!


In case anyone was wondering why the LONG gap between releases of Ceddie, there is a reason, last December, in Japan ,someone decided to re-arrange our translators left arm, by slamming into it with their car one morning in a hit and run indecent, which caused a server fracture in his upper arm (Yes they caught the perpetrator). Obviously he had to have surgery and physio and getting back to normal took a while but “normal service” will now resume.
Our Translator “gumbaloom apologies for the delay, and things will be moving along as normal as soon as I MYSELF, ironically recover from shoulder surgery this week for rotator cuff problems :/

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