And for our latest Release we have 5 episodes of Yadamon back-to-back yes i know its been awhile
Yadamon learns a new skill and hates something that you will have to watch and i think a lot of people
hated it to

MD5 ([live-evil]_Yadamon_11_[D97046B5].mkv) = 353760e6b87d98c8813dae7da6c991c5
MD5 ([live-evil]_Yadamon_12_[7A2E5B48].mkv) = 436966cd4f45b66f7cfa4e12a3db3532
MD5 ([live-evil]_Yadamon_13_v2_[878AE380].mkv) = 50c101c7121425f0123847afec4bf917
MD5 ([live-evil]_Yadamon_14_[63758CB2].mkv) = c609f7d8523894c07594ccf494c13cb1
MD5 ([live-evil]_Yadamon_15_[D19EEE9F].mkv) = d5b0f52bf1ae9c92ff4b0191c239c8fd

and our hearts go out to CP as he liked this anime… 🙁

as always get it from our bt and our bots

yeah 13 v2 (9/10)