Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, here’s a gift: 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother Episode 19

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Here’s a Marco episode, from the L-E and C1 family, so to speak.
As Marco continues his journey to Buenos Aires, Marco arrived at Rio de Janeiro, but sadly, he must part ways with the Folgore and its colorful crew to continue. Fortunately, he finds out that an Italian immigrant ship heading to Buenos Aires is nearby, so Marco heads on board, but the immigrants aren’t faring well from their long trip. Will Marco be able to handle this current situation? Find out and enjoy the release.

Editor’s Note: As of this episode, there will be some name changes implemented. As a new qcer pointed out to me, there are some errors in some of the character names in our subs. Most notably, Marco’s pet monkey Amedio, who’s proper Italian name is in fact, Amedeo. This was probably due in fact to improper romanization/or no official romanization at the start when this project began over a decade ago. While I can’t promise I’ll re-do all the older episodes prior to the softsubbing era (1-12), I will most likely implement patches for 13-18 to fix any issues during the midpoint. Please bear with us, thank you. – E_B

Episode Title: Shining Southern Cross
Filename: [L-E & C1]3000 Leagues in Search of Mother – 19 [8E5F4BBF].mkv
Size: 243,611,385 bytes
MD5: df576030a37ef9650a28aac55fdbdcac

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil grab it off?BitTorrent.

Enjoy the episode.