Yo! For those who are too darn lazy to check our project status, I’ll give you a quick update of what is going on.

3000 Leagues eps 16 and 17 is at RC.

Ask Dr. Rin ep 21 is at Timing.

KOR ep 17 is stuck at QC and requires a 3rd QC (Want to be a QC’er? Click here)

Queen Millennia ep 15 is RC’d and is awaiting fixes to be applied.

Record of Lodoss War OVA ep 2 is at editing.

Trapp Family Story 29 passed RC and will be released soon. Episodes 30 through 40 are all translated.

Warau Salesman Eps 7-8 is at typesetting.

Yadamon Eps 6-10 – Some episodes are RC’d.

We are currently looking translators for the following projects: Attack No. 1 and Wizard of Oz.
If you are interested in translating for live-evil, please email me at mamochan@live-evil.org