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ep 6:
Eddie goes on a trip and Jean finds out about Taimon and decides to hide it from maria
ep 7:
Yadamon gets into trouble by making a big mess out of the house
ep 8:
Yadamon and Jean lose track of Taimon and get the idea that he was taken to a nest
so they go on a journey.
ep 9:
as they reach the top of the mountain they cant find Taimon and Yadamon gets into a bit of a pinch.
ep 10:
Yadamon, Taimon Jean, and Eddie reunite and leave the mountain.

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Come laugh with us as tonight as we release episode 13 of Laughing Salesman.
Enjoy the ep!

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We’re happy to bring you another episode of 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother!!! Marco has to say goodbye to all the people on the ship as he continues to move forward in his journey to find his mother. Enjoy – EmptySoul (C1Anime)

Episode Title: The Immigration Ship in Rio
Filename: [L-E & C1]3000 Leagues in Search of Mother – 18 [739E63AD].mkv
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