Marco Oz

We’re not done yet in this mass release day. In this most pivotal episode, Marco makes up his mind and sneaks aboard the Folgore where the charismatic sailor Rocky works at, but his father is still insistent on not allowing him to set sail across the Atlantic. Can Marco convince his father to finally allow him to depart on his journey in search of his mother? — Eternal_Blizzard

Dorothy survives a wild tornado and arrives in Munchkin Land. Definitely not in Kansas anymore! I will not spoil the rest… you’ll have to download and find out πŸ™‚

Episode Title: Sail on, Folgore
Filename: [L-E & C1]3000 Leagues in Search of Mother – 15 [F1FFC1F4].mkv
Size: 300,597,855 bytes
MD5: 1a788bfc315ec80707e085a40cb1fbf5

Episode Title: Yellow Road
Filename: [Live-eviL] The Wizard of Oz 02 [3D44D092].mkv
Size: 206,719,022 bytes
CRC: 3D44D092
MD5: 74baefbaf13ff9b1d46d95f0d7c1d6d2

Episode Title: Departure To Hope
Filename: [Live-eviL] The Wizard of Oz 03 [65469C38].mkv
Size: 206,869,680 bytes
CRC: 65469C38
MD5: 74baefbaf13ff9b1d46d95f0d7c1d6d2

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