Have any of you ever wanted to get their paws dirty in the fansub field?

Well, we are in need of QC staff ( IE script checkers and the like. )

Arr ewe gut at speeling and gramer? Harr ewe shure that a Preperation is the wrong thing to end a santance with?

Har ewe gut at Spoting eronious punkuation , ans horridspeelings and santance structure?!?!

Then we are looking Fur ewe to be on our QC staph!.

( Hey! It is NOT easy typing this in… :/ trust me! )

As I heard someone say in HS once.
“You ain’t getting nowhere in life using no double negatives! “

( %50 don’t get that.)

But, if you feel you are up the task of Qcer ( and have the free time. )
the how to is easy…
If this has not scared you away, please read, http://www.live-evil.org/so-you-want-to-be-a-live-evil-qcer
and you are STILL not recoiling in terror, please feel free to e-mail me at suzaku@live-evil.org Or TLY at tlynnec@live-evil.org
QC has always been a log-jam for us, Now that we have TLs flowing at a more healthy pace, we really wish to get on top of this once and for all!

Thank you.
Suzaku and the staff of L-E
Meow baby! =^-^=