Today we have 3 releases of harlock coming at you I know its not enough to satisfy you but you will have to deal with that

The Mysterious Golden Goddess!? This is where zone gets lucky and has goddess shine on him how well will Zone terriorize Harlock,
with his new found power? look forward to it.

The Mysterious light is a UFO? What is this light is it something good or is it Zone still harassing Harlock? How will Harlock survive this time? please look forward to it.

Eighty Minutes in the Sea of Death!! Zone has pushed Harlock out of his orginal hiding spot so Harlock finds a nice
spot to hide in a planet of water. How well Harlock thort zone’s plan please look forward to it.

ep13: 232,129,799
ep14: 231,893,411
ep15: 232,137,047

ep13: 95035CA9
ep14: CC7142FA
ep15: 4181FC23