It’s Mega Monday here at Live-EviL!

First up it’s Conan #18 and #19. “”Gunboat” and “Giant Tidal Wave”
In our first installment, Conan goes head to head with Industria and their gunboat that has been causing them so much trouble lately, and in the next… well there is not a lot I can say about that! =^-^=
Then, next in line in Snow Queen #23 “The Garden of Paradise”
The little “squabble “ between snow and wind has come to a head and Kay is caught in the crossfire!
And to close it off, after a long delay, the return of VS_Knight_Lamune_&_40_fire.
Episode #4 “The Bewitching Gate”
Our hero Lamuness III and his partners continue to seek out the Ottama Gate while
sinister forces plot to stop them.

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h264 version
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Snow Queen #23
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h264 version
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Lamune #4
Size: 223,354,880 bytes
CRC: ad713400
MD5: 6EC5CADC36AC641D9B3EE6154592097B66183762

Suzaku, =^-^= Meow baby!

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.