Hello, everyone 🙂

Today we bring you the next two installments of The Daughter of Twenty Faces! We see crazy Dr. Robotnik launch his scheme… Do the Detective Girls and Twenty Faces save the day? Watch and find out!

As usual, get the files from our speedy xdcc bots in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or off of bit torrent at http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil

17SD, Filesize is 159,328,256 bytes, CRC is 80B4177B.
17HD, Filesize is 244,326,297 bytes, CRC is E7B70FB2.
18SD, Filesize is 186,447,872 bytes, CRC is 50D78959.
18HD, Filesize is 244,318,041 bytes, CRC is D989E3AF.