We all love our first mate Yattaran. He is an eccentric fellow, as we all know too well. Now, we get to see his past. Where did he come from? How did he find his way to Harlock and the Arcadia? Find out in this next action packed episode of Space Pirate Captain Harlock!

File details:
Size: 260712248
CRC: CD9C0645
MD5: 6b97b8bbb565b3da2dcbb68a2bea940f

Usual features apply:
* new 5.1 audio track and the original mono track
* Formatted and Unformatted soft-subtitles
* Region 2 DVD source
* Corn Pone Flicks translation
* Fansubbers commentary

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil@irc.enterthegame.com or grab it off BitTorrent.