A great big thank you to everyone who come to the panel we shared with Dattebayo at Otakon. It was a huge success and we really appreciate your support… especially since we almost weren’t allowed a panel at all! If you enjoyed the panel or (like us) wished the panel was longer, then let Otakon know on their forums so we can continue and possibly extend this event next year. (Oh, and yes, the rumors of an avi of the panel are true and may appear online shortly)

A big welcome to our new QCer who approached us at the Otakon panel – welcome to the team.

The continued support of everyone is what makes us continue to enjoy fansubbing, so thank you again everyone!

On the horizon: There are rumors of more Trapp in the near future, as well as the releases of two NEW shows. For those of you who enjoy live-action and/or DAQ, look forward to the upcoming release of the new Detective Academy Q drama, our joint project with Littlix!subs.