Well it’s been a while since I’ve had inclination or cause to post here but in this festive season I am taking the opportunity to make this Christmas Broadcast.

This year has been a very tumultuous year for Live-eviL. A lot of things have changed both in how the group operates and changes in staffing. I wouldn’t say that Live-eviL is currently a force to be reckoned with as we’re still in a state of transition.

Live-eviL is not what it was. I’m sure that a lot of you remember the Wolf’s Rain days, Live-eviL’s staff has changed virtually totally since those days. People have moved on for one thing or another.

Probably one of the biggest controversies has been the actions of Tofusensei. Tofu hasn’t talked to us in months and he ignores us on AIM but we hold him no ill will. We’ve got by and rearranged things and 90% of things are continuing in one way or another. Whatever Tofu is doing we wish him well in his current endevaours as it seems he’s retired from fansubbing in all but name. The age of Tofusensei being the driving force behind Live-eviL has come to an end and a new uncertain era for Live-eviL has begun. We ask that all of you our fans wish him well as he moves on in to a new phase of his life.

Whilst we may not be doing as many “headliner” projects for a while we’ll still be continuing all of the projects which gives Live-eviL its name like Galaxy Express 999 and finishing Creamy Mami(we’re almost there). The one thing that will always be the central driving force of Live-eviL is to bring you our fans classic anime subtitled to the highest standards as you have come to expect from us. When we’re able and have the resources we’ll try to bring you those headliner projects like Death Note which I know many of you are enjoying.

This year we’ve made circa 80 releases and hopefully we’ll squeeze out another couple before the years end. We’ve started some new projects and finished/dropped others. I hope that for those projects which have been licensed you will go out and support the licensors. In particular we ask that you support Animeigo in their endevaours with Yawara. They did a great thing in licensing that series and we hope that this isn’t the last classic series that is brought to the western hemisphere.

However as always, the one thing that has remained constant has been the support of our fans. For this we thank you for supporting us through these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you in 2007 as we move forward and slowly plod our way through classic anime. Like Tofu always said, if you follow a Live-eviL show you’re in it for the long haul. We’ll always try and do our utmost to finish a series one way or the other if we have the resources/staff.

So in this festive season we’d like to wish one and all a happy christmas and a prosperous 2007.

-gumbaloom on behalf of all the Live-eviL Staff