Another treat for you anime fans! The long awaited episode 29 of DAQ is here. A new arc, a new mystery and new twist of events. As usual, you’ll be enjoying our special DVD-source version for this episode as well.

This episode is the first of another exciting three episodes arc. Ryu and Megu are sent over to a well-known prep school, Shubusawa Academy, to conduct an undercover investigation regarding a rumor about a student who is said to be collecting snuff videos, i.e. ‘the Collector’. They’re to pretend they’re transfer students who haven’t known each other in the past.

But when they arrive, they not only realise that they’re an unwelcomed addition to the class…a class with an interesting history…but that their arrival has provoked the Collector to action! Will the rumor prove to have any element of truth in it? Will there be any real-life murder? How insane is this Collector? Will the the two manage it by themselves? Watch to find out.

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As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, or grab it off BitTorrent.

For your information episodes 1-27 are all archived on L-E|Parmenion and Kyuu-chan (IDE’s bot). So if you are missing any of the previous episodes and cannot use BT, go ahead and and grab them. ^^

Episode 30 willing be coming soon. We know very well how impatient episode 29 will make you~~.