Hi folks,
It’s been a year and three months since we last released an episode of Gallery Fake. As we seem to be the only group currently subbing it, we’re happy to bring you another episode of this slightly unique drama.

A short summary of this episode follows:

Fujita is accused of having sold a fake picture as an original and is to be put on trial. Mitamura is appointed as the expert to verify or deny that the picture is an original. Why was the picture classified to be a fake? Will Mitamura be successful at proving Fujita guilty? Or will he be released from all accusations? Watch to find out!

File info:

xvid-mp3.avi version:

MD5: 9736ec5ee6aaf6770ab003bed176dd6d
CRC: 0FE6958E
Size: 136882176

h264-vorbis.mkv version:

MD5: 9c753f39555834297b606c823fe7557c
CRC: 180C4786
Size: 87733284

The release of this episode, however, doesn’t mean Gallery Fake is no longer stalled. We have yet to find a translator for this series or staff highly interested in it. If you could translate or know anyone who could and is willing to, please visit our forums to find more information. If help isn’t found anytime soon, then you know it’s possible fate.

For the time being though, download this episode and enjoy it. You may get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil@irc.enterthegame.com or grab it off BitTorrent.

Look forward to the next episode and keep posting in the forums!^^

Thanks for waiting,