The Witch’s Ocean Castle of Death!

Well, we’ve finally put out the wacky episode 13. The title says it all… This is one strange piece of anime that we just had to have something extra for.

In addition to the usual features, for this release you get to hear from the fansubbers in their own voices. That’s right: we have included an audio commentary! I’m not certain if this has ever been done before in a fansub. It proved to be a LOT of fun and we will have to do this again in future episodes!

Get it here: TORRENT LINK
Technical release details:

; MooSFV v1.84 – Sat Mar 25 02:11:38 2006
; 292208060 Mar 25 01:42:32 2006 [Live-eviL]_Captain_Harlock_(TV-1978)_-_13_-_Special_Edition_[EA088B47].mkv
MD5: 6acb1bc78ff75ce9f59ad11c597c938c
● 5.1 Remastered AC3 audio, Fansubbers’ Commentary and original mono audio tracks
● DVD Region 2 Video source
● Formatted and unformatted subtitle tracks
● Chapter stops
● Optional clean opening and closing animation
The voices of the fansubbers you hear in this episode will be heard again in the movie, “The Mystery of the Arcadia” which we will be dubbing into English. Production for this has already begun. Release date to be determined.

Stay tuned. Episodes 9 and 10 will be next and then we shall proceed in proper order from 14 onward.

Thanks for watching,