We now have confirmed evidence that Tsubasa TV and Tsubasa / XXXHolic Movies are licensed. They will be discussed in the February issue of Anime Insider available from today in Comic stores.

The link with a screenshot is here -> http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/article.php?id=8193

Whilst Seasons 2 and 3 are not explicitly mentioned considering that Tsubasa is one long running story over all 3 seasons we are assuming all 3 seasons are licensed unless Funimation outright denies otherwise. Also the Tsubasa and XXXHolic movies are licensed which therefore means we will not be subbing those movies.

Therefore to reiterate Tsubasa is a licensed therefore Live-eviL has dropped Tsubasa. Please discontinue distribution of our fansubs and support Funimation when it begins to release the DVD’s. Please do not ask in either our forums or irc channel about how to obtain raws or subbed episodes of this series.

Thank you