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Well…after a LONG hiatus L-E & IDE finally release Detective Academy Q Episode 25. We apologise most sincerely to all you long suffering DAQ fans who’ve been waiting for the next ep. We promise that the next ep will not take as long as the last one did.

Available off torrent and XDCC at #live-evil on

File Info –
MD5 hash – dd0f6c19adb6e9df901ef8c9f0e4579d
Size – 183357440
CRC – BB0AF804


Well to begin this festive broadcast from Live-eviL we have some more releases for you to enjoy bringing our total release count to 10 for the festive season. For this second festive batch we bring 2 episodes of Yawara with Froth Bite, 2 episodes of Space Symphony Maetel with Froth Bite and Anime One and an episode of Snow Queen. We hope that in this 10 episode mass release over the past 2 days there has been at least one thing that you like to watch ^_^.

All the episodes are available from xdcc bot at #live-evil on or bittorrent here.

And next we have the file information :-

Space Symphony Maetel Episode 9 (w/F-B&AonE)
Size – 245577257
CRC – 0A3D70F5

Space Symphony Maetel Episode 10(w/F-B&AonE)
Size – 245756145
CRC – 5AF2D146

Yawara – Episode 47 (w/F-B)
CRC – 58B39AE7
Size – 184211456
MD5 – aa6a0ea42a1f252f8228253abef52694

Yawara – Episode 48(w/F-B)
CRC – 1CBC41B8
Size – 183519232
MD5 – 358c4f9364c9ce62a23e87a1f71099e8

Snow Queen 05
CRC – 8663B7CD
Size – 234780672
MD5 – 982b3c1fa9532e553b26e79cc6dc5ee2

And now on to our seasonal message.

This year has definitely been a year of change both for the group as a whole and for group members personally. At least personally I would not have expected to be in the situation that I am now 365 days ago.

However more importantly Live-eviL has a fansub group has evolved. We’ve lost some staff, gained some staff and over the course of the past year we’ve had over 110 releases. We appreciate that some of you are probably disappointed that some of our more longstanding projects haven’t been finished off but this has been a difficult time as we’ve restructured the way in which the group operates and dealt with issues in real life. I as probably one of the more publicly visible members of Live-eviL can assure you that we are doing our utmost to try and finish our more longstanding projects off so we can move on to other things and try to progress what some might call our “flagship” series like Galaxy Express 999.

We hope that all of our fans out there will stick with us throughout 2006 and look forward to many more fansub releases.

At this time of year it’s also customary to give out some thank you’s – firstly to the new staff members that have joined us, we look forward to what you will be able to contribute to the group, secondly to our QC staff – you make our releases the high standard that they are, thirdly to our distro guys, many thanks to you for all the money on servers and bandwidth that you have devoted to aiding the distribution of Live-eviL releases and of course finally to you the fans out there that avidly await our releases. You guys out there make Live-eviL what it is and without you we wouldnt exist!!!!!.

Finally on behalf of everyone at Live-eviL fansubs I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy christmas and a prosperous and healthy new year!.


Hi all,

First batch release for the festive season is Initial D 4th Stage Eps 19 – 22 & Blood+ 06.

Available on IRC at #live-evil on and bittorrent here.

; Generated by WIN-SFV32 v1.1a (QuickSFV v2.22 Compatibility Mode) on 2005-12-22 at 18:08:57

; md5: eeed0badab71954e2ff11799af477a76

; 177637106 18:04.15 2005-12-22 [Live-eviL]Blood+_06_[0F8C68A7].avi

[Live-eviL]Blood+_06_[0F8C68A7].avi 0F8C68A7

; MooSFV v1.84 – Tue Dec 20 11:30:18 2005
;9775a0ff1b842d229f1e73b87edea1fc [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_19_[58C235E4].avi
; 183721984 Dec 20 10:12:34 2005 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_19_[58C235E4].avi
[L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_19_[58C235E4].avi 58C235E4

; MooSFV v1.84 – Fri Dec 23 00:29:26 2005
;c2fea4256bb46ff05c02f2dd92c5a0a8 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_20_[4C0643F7].avi
; 183846912 Dec 22 23:21:28 2005 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_20_[4C0643F7].avi
[L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_20_[4C0643F7].avi 4C0643F7

; MooSFV v1.84 – Fri Dec 23 22:28:45 2005
;4891e14dfcbad5f845c61bc656581761 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_21_[31D4396E].avi
; 183787520 Dec 23 21:32:38 2005 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_21_[31D4396E].avi
[L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_21_[31D4396E].avi 31D4396E

; MooSFV v1.84 – Sat Dec 24 04:37:43 2005
;6f3b2766ca3d1942a72023dccd4804ba [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_22_[E38EFB8D].avi
; 183730176 Dec 24 01:24:22 2005 [L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_22_[E38EFB8D].avi
[L-E&IDE]_Initial_D_Fourth_Stage_Ep_22_[E38EFB8D].avi E38EFB8D

Happy leeching