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It’s out, yay. Woo, whatever >:O

Anyway, this show is pretty wild. Production values are high and much fun is had by all. If you like blood, schoolgirl outfits, and vampires, or any combination of the three, you should be watching this.

Get it off of bots or bit torrent 🙂

Filesize is 148,860,898 bytes, CRC is 0D97C0BE, and the md5 hash is 84ff72838f182c762271d814bf628b6f.


Hi all,

A little later than planned we bring you Episode 3 of Blood+. This episode Saya finally begins to learn some of her past as her father takes her to a very special place but as they return home theres a very shocking turn of events! 😮

As usual you can download this file from xdcc bots at #live-evil on or from bittorrent here.

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Size : 178902046
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CRC : 46D68934