We at Live-eviL would like to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful and loyal patronage over the past year. We’ve gone through ups and downs. We’ve suffered some setbacks with the less-than-optimal licensing of our flagship series Condor Hero, and some unfortunate delays on releases, but you guys make it all worth it. I cannot tell you how many emails or messages on irc we’ve received thanking us for our work and we want you to know that without you all we would not have the energy to do this. Thank you, thank you so much.

On this joyous occasion we’d like to offer up a Christmas present to all of you, our dear fans. We’ve released a preview of a release we will have shortly into the new year. It is a karaoke’d rendition of Jingle Bells from a live-action fan event about Sailor Moon. It is quite cute and fits the season perfectly, and is a small download (19MB). 🙂 Swing by the irc channel at #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com (go to www.mirc.com for more information on irc), or get it off of bit torrent at: http://a.scarywater.net/live-evil/%5BL-E%5DBSSM-Musical_-_BlackLadyKFankan_-_JingleBells(1EA8C12D).avi.torrent


Filesize is 19,656,704 bytes, the CRC is 1EA8C12D, and the md5 hash is 931de2fd89a3c4c5e61711d54bcd5469.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sing Jingle Bells in Japanese, now is your chance 😉

Some information on what this clip is from is supplied by our great timer gumbaloom:

“Sailor Moon musicals are part of the Sailor Moon franchise and were created on the back of the success of the anime. The musicals began in 1993 with Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen and they have continued with 4 different actresses playing Sailor Moon to the present day. The current Sailor Moon is Marina Kuroki and she has played this role since 2001. She will be graduating from the Musicals on January 16th 2005.
As a taster for full musicals next year we bring you a short Christmas themed clip of “Jingle Bells” from the Fankansha event for Tanjou ! Ankoku No Princess Black Lady Kaiteban which was Marina’s second musical which was held from the 9th to the 11th November 2001 prior to the Musical which went on stage in January of 2002. Fankansha events are held approximately 2 months prior to the debut of a new musical and they are a special peformance for the fans of these musicals.”

Look out for a full-length subbed & karaoked musical shortly into the new year subbed by Live-eviL’s own pair of turtledoves, gumbaloom and Aniko. ^^ It’s 140 minutes of fun, singing, and dancing. We’ll more than likely continue subtitling these in the future! Post on our forums and let us know what you think of this new direction L-E is going to branch off into. 🙂

Merry Christmas, everyone!

-Tofu (on behalf of the entire Live-eviL Fansubs team)

I’d also like to extend an extra special holiday greeting and special thanks to our own L-E QC Team and servers. You are the unsaid heroes who make this entire thing possible. I cannot begin to express how much it means to us all that you continue to help us through thick and thin. Merry Christmas! m(__)m