Archive for January, 2005

We ‘re not dead , well i guess no.
Btw there’s a new release : Gallery Fake 01 .
it’s a joint with IDE and it’s about … well i don’t know , i guess i should watch it.
Some info regarding this file :
File Name :[IDE&L-E] Gallery Fake 01 [AEB58F06].avi
CRC : AEB58F06 ( i’m good with copy & past !! )
md5sum : 90adf1a21342662858344527859e5945
the file is on BT as usual.

Hopefully we’re starting to get back on track with DAQ again as we serve up episode 24 with our good friends at ideology. This time Kyuu is investigating a series of murders during a competion to decide the lead in a film. As per usual you can download from IRC, Bittorrent or anywhere else you care to leech.