Woo, I told you L-E would be back in a big way and here we go. Today we proudly bring you the fruits of a joint project with our good buddies at AnimeOne (whom you all know from Dear Boys & Galaxy Railways) and our friends at Froth-Bite. I hope it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, that will last for long to come. *_*

Anyway, Leiji Matsumoto is back at it again, and this time with a new show entitled Space Symphony Maetel. This show focuses on Maetel when she was a young girl, fighting against her fate to become queen of a planet that had been taken over by cyrborgs. This show is the prequel to the ethereal classic Galaxy Express 999, but does not require having seen GE999 to appreciate its uniqueness. This is all contained in the same universe as Galaxy Railways, as well.

Did I mention Galaxy Express 999? We’ve released the fourth and fifth episodes in this series. These episodes focus on Maetel & Tetsurou’s exit from our Solar System, and teaches us many life lessons 🙂

As usual, get the files from the servers in #live-evil on irc.enterthegame.com or from bit torrent at http://www.live-evil.org/torrents/ .

Galaxy Express 999 Ep 4, filesize is 181018624, CRC is 4E9F9D2F, md5 hash is 34f25e607e567f3bcd879eacafc62016.

Galaxy Express 999 Ep 5 filesize is 184053760, CRC is DADE9F6E, md5 hash is 1d34a45a3b6faa2b26a2bf6955bbe44a.

Space Symphony Maetel Ep 1 filesize is 146792448, CRC is EA381369, md5 hash is 87e3614274ec311713b78759a658cd2e.

Space Symphony Maetel Ep 2 filesize is 146794496, CRC is 5C435CF5, md5 hash is c4b46ea7806e81dbe5e3988c39bd9f29.

Space Symphony Maetel Ep 3 filesize is 146792448, CRC is F9371968, md5 hash is 9472f55e4663a116f03bcb2f82026af3.