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Yes, you’re seeing it right! Believe it or not but it’s out, this long awaited episode of Dr. Rin. We have some new staff working on it and they’re very motivated so yes, the release of this episode means more Dr. Rin coming soon! ^^ No more year and a half overdue.

Meirin and Asuka are back together! However, Tokiwa doesn’t give up easily. When he tries to take Meirin by force, a dragon shows up and saves her. What is the secret behind the Hakke, and how far will Tokiwa go to make Meirin his?

File info:
MD5: b9e2f1a871d2a0e5537ee47ed1f08c3e
CRC: FE206186
Size: 183541750

As usual, you may get it off BitTorrent. Scarywater is currently having issues and so we request you not to panic if the peer statistics appear to be erroneous. Since it’s a new release, it’s sure to be well-seeded so go leech!^^

We apologize for keeping you fans waiting. Thanks for your continued patience.

Keep posting in the forums.

Cheers ^-^


Here it is folks! Harlock is back and he means business!

Arcadia (Green)

This violent and exciting series takes place right after the movie “My Youth in Arcadia”. You don’t have to have seen the movie to get up to speed. Harlock kicks major a$$ and the Arcadia sports a new look in this newer, more polished Matsumoto series.

Haven’t seen all of Harlock 1978 yet? Don’t worry. This series is in a completely different timeline and has NO RELATION WHATSOEVER. Watch it and enjoy. Both Harlock projects will continue as planned.

File info:

Size: 182933504
CRC: 25A1D57F
MD5: e2af40f4c962e8287abf522483c4bc76

Get it from BitTorrent or the L-E|Matsumoto bot in our IRC channel,

Thanks for watching,

Episode 12 out now at your service! ;D

Trouble looms once again as the 999 comes to a grinding halt in its tracks on a barren and foreboding planet and danger is just a stone’s throw away. But as always, curiosity beckons. But who or what is the real danger here? Watch and find out!

Fossil Warrior Part 1

File info:
MD5: e07e5692971b4e4c4faf78344e36c626
CRC: 30C0BE01
Size: 177649664

Now that we’ve got our very own Matsumoto division bot,
L-E|Matsumoto, come to our IRC channel, and get it from him or grab it off BitTorrent.

Enjoy! =^-^=

-Suzaku & Tsubasa