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And so begins our test venture into the world of h.264

This is the sixth episode in this show so far, and I am sure all you die-hard Matsumoto fans have been awaiting it patiently ^^;

As far as h.264 playback goes, I’ll have to point you to our forums to get some help if you need it. The truth is, I don’t quite grasp it all myself yet.

Anyway, get the files from the great bots of any of the great groups involved in this project (L-E, AnimeOne, and Froth-Bite) or off of bit torrent like usual. We’d appreciate your feedback on this exciting new codec 🙂

Filesize is 239,695,891 bytes, the CRC is C5A3D4F1, and the md5 hash is cc78ed4b622bd0b52242abdcd57b1a0d.



It appears as though Rose of Versailles is being re-released as single DVD’s with 5 eps per DVD this coming fall. The pre-order links are up on CD Japan.

If you enjoyed our fansubs of the series please support the original animation company by buying the R2’s and enjoying the superior video quality.

Volume 1 :- here
Volume 2 :- here
Volume 3 :- here
Volume 4 :- here
Volume 5 :- here
Volume 6 :- here

Volume 6 ends at Ep 30 so I’d guess theres still 2 more volumes to be put up for preorder.


Live from Otakon, L-E and DB release Tsubasa Chronicle episode 18. It was a labor of love and delayed by chatty con goers, slow wireless internet in the hotel, and the most dialog in Tsubasa Chronicles ever. Enjoy the bonus typesetting by Anime-Empire’s getfresh.

In other news, this entire episode was subbed live in person, because the entire project team is staying in our hotel room. Get it from bit torrent, xdcc, or come to our hotel party and get it from one of the party ops.

Enjoy! 😉 Thanks to all who came to the fansubbaz panel. Big shout outs to all the fansubbers here.