The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen (39 episodes NHK, 2005 )

This anime from NHK is based on the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen. It follows the story of a boy called Kay and a girl called Gerda. Their story starts during the happy times of summer but, unbeknowest to them, a cruel fate awaits them with the onset of winter when they come face to face with THE SNOW QUEEN!!

When Kay is stolen by the Snow Queen, Gerda must brave the troubles and travails of a long journey through foreign lands in order to rescue her beloved Kay. Along the way, she encounters unusual people and learns many new things. Will she be able to rescue Kay?
For those who choose to read the original fairy tale, beware if you read it you will be reading spoilers!

For those who are familiar with the fairy tale, this series is currently slated for a 39 episode run and so the story has been expanded and fleshed out a bit. Fan of Hans Christian Anderson will notice that some of his other fairy tales are featured in the individual episodes.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do !

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