Tantei Gakuen Q (live-action)

Tantei Gakuen Q is a new live-action drama version of Detective Academy Q. TGQ features a more condensed plot, meaning we get to delve into the mystery that is Pluto, but manages to maintain the same charm as the original anime. All fans of the original DAQ will likely enjoy Tantei Gakuen Q… I mean, Megu and Ryu are HOT! What more could we want?

In Episode 1:
The team of Class Q must each utilize their unique talents to solve multiple murders. But the victims deaths are eerily similar to the deaths of characters in a murder mystery novel. Oh, and did I mention that this is a sealed room mystery as well? How will Class Q solve the case? And will they be able to work together to do it? Watch to find out!

Episodes are usually 40 minutes long, and the first episode is just over 1 hour.

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