Taiyo no Ko Esteban
(The Mysterious Cities of Gold)

(1982 Studio Pierrot)
39 Episodes


In sixteenth century Spain, Esteban is an orphan boy living in a monastery. Unfortunately for him, the commoners believe he has the power to summon the Sun. One day, a man named Mendosa drags him into an overseas adventure to South America in search of a mysterious city of gold. On his way Esteban meets Zia & Tao and…


There were two versions of this show: One in French, the other in Japanese. As children, many of us saw dubs of the French version. Now you will get to see what the Japanese saw, in their language with English subtitles.

5 Responses to “ Taiyo no Ko Esteban (The Mysterious Cities of Gold) ”

  1. Haneen says:

    where can i download it, please?

  2. Charl says:

    I own the media, any way to get only the English subtiltes…maibe as SRT, or ASS or even TXT files?

  3. Raslan says:

    Hello. I read your post here, and I’m interested. Can I buy the show, through you, with Japanese language and English subtitle?

    If so, can I get them as soft copy? Awaiting your reply please.

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