Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
(1996-1997 Toei Animation, TV Asahi)

Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon saga begins)

Tsukino Usagi is your normal, everyday, 14-year-old, stereotypical dumb blonde. Her life is suddenly changed one day after a chance encounter with a talking cat named Luna. Luna gives Usagi a magical brooch, and reveals to her that she is the legendary pretty soldier of justice that she has been looking for. Queen Beryl has returned and seeks to conquer the Earth, a feat she was denied hundreds of years ago by the Moon Kingdom. And so the story begins… a story that has become the most well-known anime series of the last decade.


Sailor Stars

Usagi is now 16 and the story continues….

The first several episodes are a capping story on the events of SMSS, with Nehrenia returning to seek vengance on Sailor Moon for having such a good life. A few cool events of this storyline: Sailor Moon gets a new transformation (Eternal Sailor Moon); Outer senshi get their new, super sailor costumes and attacks; Saturn grows up very rapidly and joins the sailors in the final battle.

The regular storyline begins with Mamoru leaving for America to study, Chibi-Usa going back to the future, and a new group of Rock singers, The Three Lights, starting school in the same place as the sailor girls.

The main villain is Sailor Galaxia, who is looking for Star Seeds so she can conquer the universe. Her minions include Sailor Iron Mouse and the other Anima-mates: Sailors Lead Crow, Aluminum Siren, and Tin Nyanko.

Mamoru’s airplane disappeared in a flash of golden light, unbeknowest to everybody, and Usagi’s letters to him remain unanswered. What actually happened was Galaxia attacked the plane, taking it into another dimension. She stole Tux’s Star Seed and decided to search this planet for that of Princess Fireball, which could allow her to rule the Galaxy.

Another child showed up and joined Usagi’s family: ChibiChibi. She has red hair which is put up in heart-shaped Odango. Pluto says Neo-Serenity only has one child, small lady, so no one knows where she came from or who she could be.

The Three Lights are actually the Sailor Starlights. They came a distant area of the galaxy where Galaxia had destroyed their homeworld. They are supposed to protect their princess when she arrives, but in the meantime help Sailor Moon and the others battle the Anima-mates.

—And the story continues—

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Note: This show is being released in a “Special Edition” MKV (Matroska) format. It includes a new 5.1 surround audio track (AC3 – engineered by us) and the original mono track.

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