Our favourite boy-racer Takumi is back again, and this time he’s more serious than ever. Now in its fourth series Initial D is back with more than ever before. Starting out as a speedy Tofu delivery boy, our young racer now takes things a little bit more seriously and is part of the infamous street-racing team Project D, with brothers Keisuke and Ryousuke Takahashi. The group are famous online for smashing records across Japan and challenging rival teams across Japan. No longer content with being a local, amateur outfit, Project D has far more than any other street racing team. With more support cars than racing ones, strategic planning and top quality racers is there nothing that can stop them? Now with Takumi’s raw talent and the professional influenced set up made up of former foes we have the ultimate street racing team in Japan. Despite the new set up Takumi still drives his trusty Eight-Six with ever-increasing skill, making the impossible possible and shocking onlookers across the country.

Love it, or loathe it the fourth season of Initial D doesn’t differ much from what went before it. All the usual elements are firmly in place making ID4 as addictive as ever. The banging Euro-pop soundtrack, the quick cuts to the cheering crowd, the suspense and ‘wow’ factor of events that nobody thought possible occurring. The cars and 3D effects look pretty sharper, and certainly a lot better than when Initial D first started out. Unlike previous series, ID4 focuses primarily on the Takumi and the racing side of things with the non-race drama and moral dilemmas coming from side characters. The focus also seems to be away from the Takumi’s friends and family and has more to do with the racing, though Takumi’s Father, Bunta does make a small appearance. The mystery of the racing process that was evident early on in Initial D has also been removed, like Takumi; we too are more knowledgeable about the whole racing process and the way the cars work. In all, the series has matured along with the characters.

Initial D fans and car fans will no doubt enjoy this latest instalment of Initial D. It has all the ingredients that made the series a big fans’ favourite. Plus like every other series of Initial D, Project D is as addictive as ever and with two months between each grouping of two episodes it’ll be worse than ever! The only question that’s bugging us all is just what will Takumi do next?

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