Death Note (MADHOUSE 2006, 37 Episodes)



Light Yagami is a straight-A high school student. He always scores first on the national exams and is planning on going to college and joining the NPA, like his father… and he’s bored out of his mind. His life consists of school and studying for college exams… or at least it does until one fateful day when he picks up the Death Note. Now Light has the power to kill across any distance at his fingertips and an apple-eating Death God hovering at his shoulder. Light intends to rid the world of evil… and woe to anyone who dares to get in his way! But can one person really change the world by killing criminals? And can Light withstand the pressure of dispensing “justice” while maintaining the facade of a normal super-serious high school student? And can he maintain his secrecy when the super detective “L” takes on the case and vows to catch the elusive “Kira” (Light)? The battle of genius vs. genius has begun!

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