The year was 2977. The people of Earth had become passionless drones that cared of nothing but their own self-satisfaction. Now, an unknown enemy from space is threatening the helpless people of Earth. Only one man still stands strong and passionate enough to save the Earth, whether it wants it or not.

Join the legendary Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the Arcadia and its crew, as they battle to protect their own beliefs and empower the people of Earth in this classic Matsumoto saga.

Aired in Japan in 1978; 42 episodes.

Note: This show is being released in a “Special Edition” MKV (Matroska) format. It includes a new 5.1 surround audio track (AC3 – engineered by us) and the original mono track. It also includes commentaries, chapter stops and subtitles that can be switched to another language or even turned off. We will continue to bring new features to this show as we move forward.

*Synopsis by YaoiBoy.

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