Akazukin Chacha

Akazukin Chacha OAV (3 episodes 1995)

Once the greatest training academy for kids, the Momiji Academy is in disarray. Having failed to register any kind of impact at the various talent contests across the land something needs to be done and the cunning principal comes up with a sneaky plan to improve her school’s standing. Desperate to find out the methods of the Urda Academy, the school that wins just about everything, Momiji’s principal sends in a spy, the child with amazing psychic powers, Popi-kun. Popi-kun arrives at Urda hoping to keep a low profile but he soon finds this to be impossible for one very good reason. Kids and teachers alike are hyper as hell and filled to the brim with magical powers. It is then we learn the true nature of the world of Akazukin Chacha. Unable to hide himself in a class full of hyperactive crazies, Popi-kun gives in and slowly begins to tolerate his new classmates. In fact, he has so much fun he abandons the Momiji Academy and enrols at Urda full time. The scene is set for this three episode OVA and the crazy adventures are about to begin. How will Popi-kun fit in with his new classmates and what will Momiji’s Principal plan to get her revenge and make her Academy number one again?

Chacha is a very cute little series, and this set of three OVAs is based on the previous TV series of the same name. One thing of note before watching, this series is that it is seriously hyper active. Characters move and speak at a thousand miles an hour at all times. At least half of each episode is spent watching Popi-kun being chased by his classmates. Not to worry though as the chase scenes are nothing short of hilarious, those kids at Urda are a wild bunch. The chase scenes usually involve Popi’s classmates using their bizarre magical powers. One such incident involves a giant Pac Man that eats all in its path. The artwork in Chacha is all pastel colours, everything is soft, round and cute, and the kind of world you’d fall in love with right away. The music is also equally cute and quirky, and when the kids start singing your ears prepare for death.

In all the Akazukin Chacha OVAs are heaps of hyperactive fun that you wish would never stop. The characters are lovably crazy and the narrative of pure and simple jealousy and revenge is very funny. The humour is always good clean fun and despite the fact you can see the gags coming from a mile they still make you laugh out loud. So, if you want something unashamedly loud and full of fun that’s definitely for the kids then look no further then this nice little set of OVAs.

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