We here at Live-eviL are proud to announce another classic Blu-ray release!
For this, you must set your WABAC machines to the year 1982 when this saga first started. (google Peabody and Sherman)

Do you remember? When this saga first hit the TV airwaves and changed anime viewing, and not to mention touched off a massive merchandising craze?

Do you remember? (within the Macross timeline) how the world was rudely shown that they are NOT alone by an alien race dropping an city sized space ship on it?
And do you remember how the life of Hikaru Ichijyo changed forever nearly 10 years later after the world focused its resources on restoring the derelict craft now named SDF-1 Macross and do you remember, how Roy Focker invited Hikaru to what should have been the very highly celebrated maiden voyage/ launch of the Macross, even inviting him to try an experimental? aircraft.

But nothing ever goes as planned, during the launch ceremony, a space war fleet from an alien race arrives into the solar system and identifies the Macross as a former battleship used by their enemies. And without warning, the original systems of the Macross, override the crew’s commands and fire its main cannon, wiping out the advance alien scouts and starting a war.
And so starts the Macross anime saga which we are NOT releasing! 😉
This is Macross DYRL! Or the Macross movie. In the summer of 1984, this movie hit the big screen in Japan and took everyone by surprise.

The storyline of the film does not fit directly into the Macross chronology, and was originally an alternate-universe retelling of the story, but was later established as part of the Macross universe. Within the Macross universe it is a popular movie (i.e. a movie within a television series)

There will be 2 versions. 10-bit and 8-bit, both with DTS and AC3 sound.
You will notice a few animation edits in the movie. Unlike the version we released in 2009 which is unedited. These edits were done on purpose by the director, Shoji Kawamori. These edits don’t affect the storyline at all.

As this is a Blu-ray encode, the file sizes are rather large, this is in fact the biggest release we have done to date! Enjoy!

Suzaku. Meow baby! =^-^=

For those trying to restore the few seconds to the edited blu-ray version. It is not worth it. You’ll just make it worse. Go email Shoji Kawamori and tell him you want a uncensored version. Good luck with that.

Enjoy the movie!

– Mamo

Filename [Live-eviL]_Macross_-_Do_You_Remember_Love-720_BD[F65E55DE].mkv
Size: 7,473,394,822 bytes
MD5: 77123882EFF135534779A74E4C448EC2

Filename [Live-eviL]_Macross_-_Do_You_Remember_Love-1080_BD[0E18059C].mkv
Size: 13,362,034,217 bytes
CRC: 0E18059C
MD5: 84FB961A149D4B348A935D82C6B07AB2

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel,?#live-evil @irc.rizon.net?or grab it off?BitTorrent.