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Hi. Everyone done with school yet? Graduate yet? Why not have a party with Yawara? She and her friends plan on having a graduation match.
Watch out Yawara. Your friendly graduation match is about to become a nightmare. Jigoro did something evil yet again. Don’t just sit there. Download and watch this epic episode!

Episode Title: Next Up, The Graduation Match!
Filename: [FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_91_[DVD][495EB318].mkv
Size: 183,668,076 bytes
CRC: 495EB318
MD5: 898a8a9f8abe954577ca27d3ad97b580

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Conan and Dyce spot the end! :p

And all good things must come to an end… 🙁
And we wrap up with “Finale” For the 2nd time!
There is not a lot I can say about this episode without giving too much away other than thank you all for sticking with us throughout this project. I enjoyed working on this and look forward to the next project.

Again, thanks for sticking with us for Future Boy Conan! the BLU version! 🙂
Live-eviL staff
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Suzaku. =^-^=
Conan#26 h264 10bit 1080p
Size: 959,470,564 bytes
CRC: B07E84F9
MD5: 237014C596299D1BB93041C2A86E2432

8bit 720p version!
Size: 320,209,037 bytes
CRC: C1AF9501
MD5: 5149CEFD0C08F879FA054852E340FA36

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Episode #33, The Ice Castle.
After many hardships and losses, Gerda has finally arrived at the Ice Castle where the Snow Queen resides. But she has not really given much thought to what she will do, or what may happen when she gets there!

Enjoy! Suzaku.
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Snow Queen #33
Size: 205,877,248 bytes
MD5: B1CD2FEABE56E73B4BC1A26A2780AA60

h264 version
Size: 244,568,593 bytes
CRC: 0A44297A
MD5: EEA4A6A23E55FCE1321E3E8E88AA4571

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