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After another delay, (don’t ask I wont tell :P) Snow Queen returns.

Episode #24, The Moonlight Mermaid.
Gerda and her companions press farther northward when they come to a town with a rather fishy obsession with mermaids. It seems everywhere you turn in this town there is something mermaid themed, and its in this town where Gerda has an rather little annoying run in with some one.
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Snow Queen #24
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h264 version
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MD5: C7156E63686C8BFE897293BB25CC9DB312F0EAE5

As usual, get it from the bots in our IRC channel, #live-evil or grab it off BitTorrent.

Do you have a love for anime? I mean, do you really watch it so much that you feel that you may have become a anime couch potato? Do you have a strong grasp of the English language? Are you a grahammer nasi? Dew ewe have a strong erge to kroect othrs speeling errerz and punkuation mistakes.?

Then you may have what we are looking for, We here at L-E are sending out a general call for QC staff, its one of the main reasons for our releases being slow.

Experienced QCers are always appreciated, but we are also willing to claw you into shape. If you think you might be right for the job, please check out:and follow the application instructions

NOTE! link is outdated, and I can’t update.
update is…

If you’ve read all of this and still believe that you would make a great L-E QCer, then talk to Suzaku (aka. Suzaku|rCGoLE|) in #live-evil, e-mail, or post a response in the LE forum. Note: email or PM preferred.

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